Connectivity Business News Podcast: Forsway takes hybrid approach to reducing connectivity costs

Podcast: Forsway takes hybrid approach to reducing connectivity costs Listen to ‘The Dish’ interview with CEO Tobias Forsell byMadeline Durrett / April 4, 2024 Link to article Next-generation satellite and hybrid networks have reduced capacity costs by 16% in the past five years, but one-third of the global population remains offline. Forsway CEO [...]

IBC Expo: Forsway’s next generation Odin F-60 hybrid satellite terminal now available with Symphony 4 integrated solution from Montage LZ

The next generation Forsway satellite terminal, manufactured by strategic partner, Zinwell, is now available with fully integrated Symphony 4 IC product from industry leading fabless semiconductor IC provider, Montage LZ Technologies.

Forsway boosts business development team – positions to create unique footprint in the US

Forsway announced it is growing its global business development team and has engaged Tobias Lofstrand as Regional Manager North America with focus on a unique target market in the US. Traditionally targeting developing countries, Forsway is expanding its focus to include growth opportunities in advanced markets by helping vast rural areas still lacking reliable internet access get connected.

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