A key component of the Forsway Ecosystem, Mimir is an operator satellite gateway for enabling hybrid internet-over-satellite services. The unique Mimir solution provides smooth broadband connectivity with high QoE to users in areas with an existing narrowband return channel. Mimir has been optimized for a wide selection of return channels, where the most used are GPRS, EDGE, 3G, ADSL, and WiMAX. Mimirs NMS add-on also enables administrators in your networks to monitor and handle all equipment in the solution.

Mimir Gateway

Mimir gateway routes IP data via satellite to subscribers and centralizes reception of IP data from subscribers coming from different types of return channels.

  • Intelligent functionality furnishes different levels of security and encryption to protect against network invasion.

  • Grants access (PKI and MAC based) to broadband services to subscribers-only.

  • Provides PEP (Proxy Enhancing Performance) features (TCP acceleration over satellite).

  • Offers operators rich features such as VNO, support for multiple EMS, Hub/terminal monitoring and FAP.
  • NMS capability available for handling all user equipment in the solution.

Mimir featured in Forsway Xtend architecture

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Mimir Gateway’s unique features and functionality

Agile Asymmetric Routing

A hybrid internet-over-satellite service uses different transmission paths for incoming and outgoing data. The agile Mimir Gateway provides operators with smooth reception of requests on one network interface while outgoing transmission is performed on another network interface

Flexible Multi-transponder

Mimir supports multi-transponder environments with automatic load balancing between transponders, based on geographic properties of end users.

Agile User Management

The integrated Mimir NMS feature includes simple user provisioning, allowing the system administrator to easily configure and manage users, terminals, and different types of accounts and services. Mimir supports third-party provisioning and billing systems with easy integration through a provisioning API

Link Aggregation

The flexible Mimir design supports different types of link aggregation. Example: Combining bandwidth of two mobile connections for improved uplink performance.

Simple Installation

Forsway recommends deploying the Mimir server at the uplink site. While the Mimir server is most commonly pre-installed to simplify deployment, the Odin router can be factory configured based on an operator’s needs.

On-Demand Satellite Bonding

Mimir seamlessly bonds medium bandwidth return channels with a satellite service. To optimize service and reduce latency, when bandwidth usage is low, all traffic will travel over the return channel.

  • When a return channel cannot support increased bandwidth demands, satellite service is automatically activated and bonded with the return link.

  • End-users are provided with combined bandwidth of the satellite link and return channel, boosting previously unreliable or slow connections.
  • Robust latency-sensitive protocols are prioritized for the low-latency return channel.

Secure Authentication

The Mimir server enables secure authentication at login from the use of PKI certificates. As PKI certificates are preinstalled in Forsway Odin F-50 satellite routers, the burden of username and password management is removed. All communication between the Mimir server and terminal can be encrypted.

Terminal Auto Configuration

All satellite parameters are automatically sent to the terminal when connecting. The end user needs only to configure the return channel.

Innovative Protocol Acceleration

It takes approximately 240 milliseconds for a signal to travel to a geostationary satellite and back to earth. While standard TCP/IP protocol is not designed for such long latency, it affects potential maximum throughput. The protocol acceleration from Forsway’s Performance Enhancing Proxy significantly improves GEO throughput

Network management system

  • Configuration – The Mimir(s) needs to be configured properly prior to usage in a live environment. The Mimir NMS allows editing the parameters in an easy way with the help of its web-based user interface.

  • Populations – A population is a group of Odin remote terminals sharing certain conditions. The Mimir NMS permits the filtering and composing of populations or groups depending on their geographical location, plans, EMS and Mímir they belong to.

  • Fair Access Policy – To provide a fair share of bandwidth amongst the connected Odin terminals, depending on the service each Odin is assigned to, a configurable FAP mechanism has been implemented.

  • Virtual Network Operators – The Mimir NMS fully supports Virtual Network Operators, enabling all reseller business models.
  • Billing integration – The Mimir NMS supports billing of your customers with registration, usage tracking and top-up functionality.
  • Monitor – The Mimir NMS can present information regarding the health of both the Mímir(s) as well as the EMS(s). Health in this context meaning status, eventual error messages as well as log files.