Arabsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, has been serving the growing needs of 80 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe for over 40 years. In a joint project, Arabsat and Forsway have deployed affordable satellite broadband services across Africa under the Arabsat Broadband package. Arabsat and Forsway have created a managed resource to deliver highly affordable broadband based on Arabsat capacity and hardware from Forsway, including service model designed and implemented by satellite services consultants at Developing Infrastructure.

A leading Spanish satellite services provider, DIGISAT MEDIA designs and operates a wide range of customized services involving satellite and internet services in both public and private sectors. DIGISAT MEDIA operations are also carried out in emerging markets. In an exciting joint project, Forsway’s innovative customer premises equipment and technology furnish value to a DIGISAT MEDIA managed network that provides comprehensive services across Spain delivering entertainment and content to hospitals nationwide.

WIT-PhilSat, a leading provider of satellite broadband services in the Philippines, together with Forsway has helped the Philippines’ government roll-out the “Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi in Public Places Project“. Forsway and WIT PhilSat are furnishing the government-sponsored project with rapid deployment of cost-efficient satellite broadband services and expertise from Forsway. WIT-PhilSat has over a decade of experience operating Teleports and advanced VSAT stations in over 30 countries in the Asia Pacific region.

RascomStar and Global Telesat

RascomStar operates the first pan-African geostationary satellite, and Global Telesat is the first European Teleport enabling distribution of reliable Internet, TV and other IP transport services from Spain to all the African continent. Jointly with Forsway the partners have provided an innovative, managed service offering for the provision of affordable Internet and broadband services for the African continent. Low-cost end-user equipment, simple installation, and no need for a VSAT license, the partners are providing an attractive offering for residential, SOHO, government, Internet café and a variety of users.

SES is one of Forsway’s main satellite operator partner as well as co-operator for broadband, via SES Broadband. Forsway and SES carried out significant joint large scale business already in 2005, with AstraNet, for Internet over satellite in Europe.

MDS America designs, manufactures, installs, and maintains Digital MVDDS Wireless Broadcasting systems for telecommunications operators worldwide. Forsway’s products have proven to be a valuable complement to MDS America’s systems.