Forsway Xtend toolkit

The complete Forsway Xtend ecosystem includes everything a service provider needs to roll-out a complete hybrid internet over satellite service, comprising of the Forsway Hub, customer premises equipment and a bouquet of innovative, robust features and functionality.

Mimir Gateway

Saga EMS

Odin Router

Billions of people do not have internet access
– Forsway provides operators with the solution

Forsway Xtend is a highly cost-effective, future-oriented satellite extension for operators and service providers that challenges the traditionally high cost of connecting hard-to-reach, underserved areas.

Xtend’s combination of pioneering solutions and hardware unites satellite and network technologies to leverage the potential of today’s abundant satellite capacity:
  • Enables operators to extend satellite broadband to underserved markets with limited infrastructure

  • Scalable solution boosts capacity and reach of existing terrestrial broadband networks

  • Cost-efficient, agile, and easy to deploy, enables satellite operators and service providers to monetize unused bandwidth and create new revenue streams

Positions operators & service providers for new segments

  • Rapid roll-out of internet services with no additional infrastructure, translates to minimal investment

  • Enables multiple business opportunities – With VNO support, operators can sell accounts & dedicated bandwidth as managed services

  • Reduces TCO – outperforms VSAT cost & QoE using terrestrial return channel & satellite forward link

Significantly boosts capacity

  • Can boost downlink capacity in rural areas from < 1 Mbps to > 40 Mbps (using satellite when needed), using less than 20% satellite capacity compared to VSAT.
  • Traffic is run over low-cost, but low latency and low-capacity ADSL or mobile data networks until the bandwidth is exhausted. Satellite is then activated, providing the downlink boost.

Forsways Ecosystem

  • Mimir Gateway – For hybrid connectivity, the Forsway Mimir Gateway operator terminal includes gateways for routing and traffic acceleration. With added NMS capabilities it can also manage all equipment in the system.

  • Saga (Encapsulator Modulator System) Modulators and encapsulators provide efficient transmission of satellite data.

  • Odin F-60 has been developed to meet more advanced customer demands for networking performance and satellite bandwidth efficiency. Feature-rich F-60’s will also cater to new use cases such as advanced SD-WAN and edge computing capabilities.

  • Odin F-50 is a highly cost-effective, high performance satellite router for hybrid internet over satellite. Designed to operate with broadcasting satellites, Odin F-50™ is aimed at enabling connectivity for small communities, education and health information services, libraries, and much more.

Sample of features

  • Taps satellites operating in Ku, Ka or C band– offers for wide capacity

  • Ubiquitous coverage– satellites reach everywhere

  • High QoE– wide selection of return channels
  • Asymmetric Routing
  • On-demand satellite bonding: Accelerate average performing connections, e.g. mobile or ADSL, with satellite capacity, to increase peak downlink bandwidth

  • NMS monitoring

  • Billing and Provisioning Systems can be offered from Forsway’s partners or be integrated with the service operator’s existing systems

  • Modulates and encapsulates
  • Advanced IP over satellite optimization tools
  • Built-in Connection Logging – easy to comply with legal requirements
  • Prepared for Lawful Interception