Forsway Odin F-60 and Forsway Odin F-60 LTE are cost-effective, high-performance satellite routers developed for hybrid IP services using a combination of satellite and terrestrial data. The benchmark technology and equipment harness DVB-S2X/ACM for downlink with the ability to combine a wide range of terrestrial return channels.

  • The new generation of Odin F-60’s have been developed to meet more advanced customer demands for networking performance and satellite bandwidth efficiency.
  • Feature-rich F-60’s will also cater to new use cases such as advanced SD-WAN and edge computing capabilities.
  • Check out F-60 features in this short video (click here)

The Forsway Odin F-60 LTE edition comes additionally equipped with an integrated LTE modem and doubles the data bandwidth from satellite – whereas the F-60 is more cost-efficient version for scenarios where mobile connectivity and the highest throughput are not required.

Enables robust, satellite-based internet services that allow operators to boost end user connectivity in areas with insufficient or low capacity

Odin F-60’s streamlined functionality is designed to operate with broadcasting satellites and is equipped with both a DVB-S2X demodulator and advanced IP-over-satellite optimization tools – including ACM.

Odin F-60 is a highly cost-effective, high-performance satellite router for hybrid IP services combining satellite and terrestrial data. DVB-S2/(X)/ACM is used for downlink and can be employed with a variety of terrestrial return channels. The Odin F-60 integrates the possibility to connect a mobile network interface as well as various Ethernet based interface options,  such as ADSL, WiMAX or VSAT, for the return link.

Key benefits for operators

  • Eliminates need to deploy additional network infrastructure – furnishes significant operator cost savings and delivery of highly cost-efficient broadband.

  • Enables rapid deployment of robust, satellite-based internet services to regions grappling with insufficient infrastructure or capacity.

  • Supplies competitive VSAT alternative – no need for satellite communications license and sophisticated installation

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Looking for something even more affordable?

The Odin F-50 is our previous flagship router, and is still available for use cases that do not require all the abilities of the Odin F60. Read more.