IEEE 2nd 5G World Forum: Forsway Chairman a guest speaker on 5G applications and cultivating broadband access for the critically underserved

Dresden, September 27th, 2019: Forsway, a leading provider of innovative solutions tapping satellite and existing terrestrial technologies to enable cost-efficient broadband, today announced that Forsway Chairman and 5G thought leader Mats Andersson is an invited guest speaker at the IEEE 2nd 5G World Forum, Sept. 30th – Oct. 2nd, Dresden, Germany. The aim of the 5G conference is to bring experts from industry, academia and research to exchange their visions and achieved advances towards 5G and contributions for nurturing and cultivating 5G technologies and applications for the benefit of society.

In the special Start-up Forum conference track, Mr. Andersson will outline how 50% of the world´s population lack broadband with huge populations of people outside dense urban areas lacking reliable broadband. He will share valuable insight on overcoming the hurdles in underserved areas and a real-life business case for bridging the digital divide using 5G applications. He will talk about 5G – the network of networks – and demonstrate how tapping new opportunities provided by satellite broadband can make broadband internet affordable to the masses, enabling growth and access to critical services.

5GWF’19 Start-up Forum: Tuesday Oct. 1st, 12:00 – 12:25
“The key 5G application – broadband access everywhere”
Mats Andersson, CEO and Founder at MUMIMO AB, Gothenburg, Sweden

About the speaker
Mats Andersson currently holds roles as Chairman of the Board of Forsway ScandinaviaSatcubeSweGaN and MUMIMO AB and is a Board member of Bluetest and Gefle Testteknik. An industry leader with over 30 years international wireless and telecom experience, Mats has held various engineering and management positions at Ericsson and Huawei Technologies. He holds three university degrees (Lic. Eng., M. Sc. and B.A.). In 2014, Mats established MUMIMO AB, a company with a focus on innovation and business development for small and large wireless companies and brings thought-leading expertise and innovative strategies for 5G and new technologies.

About Forsway Scandinavia AB
Forsway provides innovative solutions for combining satellite with existing terrestrial technologies – enabling broadband services for the large demographics of users in emerging markets lacking reliable internet access. Forsway’s unique technology eliminates the need to deploy additional network infrastructure, creating significant time and cost savings for operators and service providers. Follow us on LinkedInTwitterFacebook and YouTube.

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