Xtend Ecosystem – hybrid satellite extension

A complete operator toolkit for extending satellite broadband to under-served markets

Forsway Xtend is a cost-effective, scalable solution for operators and service providers that extends capacity and reach of terrestrial broadband networks tapping satellite bandwidth, connecting hard-to-reach, underserved markets. The Xtend ecosystem includes everything needed to roll-out a complete hybrid internet-over-satellite service including the Forsway Hub, Forsway customer premises equipment and a bouquet of innovative features and functionality.


Forsway now helping to bring high-speed broadband to rural locations in the UK

ArabsatDeveloping Infrastructure, and Forsway have formed XtndNet, a radically new broadband ISP targeting under-connected customers. XtndNet offers a hybrid service, combining ADSL, mobile Internet, and satellite connection — the XtndNet 12 Gigabit Space Superhighway — to deliver an affordable, fast, and reliable broadband connection.


Customer Premises Equipment

Odin F-50™ is a highly cost-effective, high performance satellite router for hybrid internet over satellite. Designed to operate with broadcasting satellites to enable connectivity for small communities, education and health information, libraries, and much more.

Freya™ which is designed as the ultimate home interface to HD satellite TV that integrates broadband internet access via satellite.


What we do

Billions of people do not have access to reliable internet services. Forsway provides smart solutions  for operators to connect the unconnected.

Our visionary approach and future-oriented, innovative equipment provides agile, low-cost solutions for operators to extend broadband services in underserved regions, boosting infrastructure and capacity. Forsway helps operators foster the smart connectivity that provides access to critical community services, education, health, entertainment and much more, inspiring new business opportunities and a better, connected future for millions.

Connecting the underserved


Customer profiles

Forsway technology empowers CSP’s (Communications Service Providers), satellite and pay-tv operators, local municipalities, health and education service, public wi-fi hotspots and more – makes it possible to provide low-cost, reliable internet services critical to connecting hard-to-reach and underserved markets.

Latest News

A sneak preview of the latest news, updates, and events at Forsway.

Satellite Evolution: Can the satellite industry really bridge the Digital Divide?

November 28th, 2022|

The Digital Divide has created a real inequality and division when it comes to accessing information and resources. With satellites becoming popularly understood as a key turning point in the struggle, we spoke to landmark connectivity providers at Forsway, as well as a foremost expert on the subject in Waheed Adam, Board Member at the Mobile Ecosystem Forum.

Forsway introduces Odin F-60 and F60 Pro terminals made by Zinwell, plans to launch in Q1

September 8th, 2022|

Forsway has announced its new satellite terminals, the Forsway Odin F-60 and Odin F-60 Pro, made by manufacturing partner Zinwell. They will be available in the first quarter of 2023 and will succeed the F-50 model. The two devices can be viewed at the IBC Expo in Amsterdam from 09 to 11 September.

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