Smart business ideas to boost connectivity
and content streaming services

Billions still don’t have to reliable internet. Forsway develops innovative hybrid technology and cost-efficient
equipment that enables operators to roll out affordable satellite broadband and content streaming services,
access to community offerings, education, health information, entertainment and more.

A connected future for millions & new business models for service operators.

Why Forsway?

Most cost effective approach for operators and CSPs
to extend broadband services.

Hybrid solutions harness satellite & terrestrial networks
– no additional infrastructure needed.

Boost connectivity with satellite or low-cost networks.

Now operators
can easily connect
the underserved


Our customer profiles

Forsway technology empowers CSP’s (Communications Service Providers), satellite and pay-tv operators, local municipalities, health and education services, public wi-fi hotspots and more.

We make it possible to provide low-cost internet and content streaming services critical to connecting hard-to-reach and underserved markets.

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