Arabsat provides managed data services to clients in the Middle East and Africa, using Forsway's hybrid Internet over Satellite platform.

European Space Agency: A valuable partner in development, new partnerships and a strategic network, since 2007, Forsway has executed several development projects with ESA.

Splynx is Forsway’s preferred partner to offer a complete system for billing solutions.

Eutelsat: Valuable evaluation and test partner for Forsway products, and a key player in the global industry.

Prime Electronics and Satellitics: Forsway's main manufacturing partner that assists us with production for global mass volume business.

Rascom Star and Global Telesat: RascomStar satellite capacity and Global Telesat uplink services (hosting Forsway's platform), the companies work together offering affordable data services for the African continent.

SES: Evaluation and testing partner and one of Forsway’s main satellite operator partner as well as co-operator for broadband, via SES Broadband.

Tebkom: With Tebkom encapsulator / modulator gear Forsway have the full service for Internet over satellite.