Why choose Forsway?

Cost-efficient satellite broadband solutions & equipment that help service providers boost and connect underserved markets

With a focus on tapping the opportunities provided by the satellite ground segment, Forsway technology fosters the most effective approach to helping operators and service providers extend broadband services. We deliver high performance, innovative hybrid solutions that combine benefits of satellite & terrestrial networks and eliminate additional network infrastructure- enabling broadband for the many regions around the globe still lacking reliable internet access.

Forsway Xtend can significantly boost downlink capacity in rural areas from < 1 Mbps to > 40 Mbps, using satellite when needed, while on average using less than 20% satellite capacity compared to VSAT. Uplink traffic is run over low-cost, but low latency and low-capacity (about 1 Mbps) ADSL or 3G/4G networks.

Furnishes cost-efficiency for operators & service providers

  • Combines existing infrastructures (mobile and/or ADSL networks, satellite) to enhance or provide connectivity

  • Fosters robust solutions – easy to deploy and maintain, with low operator investment in hardware

  • Enables operators to deliver of reliable, highly cost-efficient broadband to untapped markets

  • Reduces total cost of ownership for operators– Using considerably less satellite capacity than VSAT

Operators can easily tap unreached markets and content-hungry consumers

  • Fast deployment of unique hybrid technology – immediately offer broadband and IP services

  • Provides connectivity in locations not previously possible due to financial or technical restrictions

  • Uses existing assets & maximizes benefits of complementary technologies keeping costs down