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Forsway Xtend satellite extension

Complete toolkit and ecosystem for extending satellite broadband to reach under-served markets - Forsway has developed a cost-effective hybrid satellite extension, challenging the high cost of connecting hard-to-reach regions. Xtend is built to remove complexity of rolling-out satellite broadband to under-served populations and enable monetization of unused bandwidth.

Forsway Xtend provides an easy to deploy, scalable and robust hybrid satellite solution that extends capacity and reach of terrestrial broadband networks. The Forsway solution provides operators and service providers with a complete toolkit to tap unused potential of broadcasting satellites, enabling operators to expand their business, and rapidly deploy cost-efficient internet services to new markets.

Forsway Xtend Architecture

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Operator ease-of-use 
  • Scalable – Easily expand number of transponders, also using several satellites with different uplink locations
  • Maximizes availability - high performance, robust redundancy components
  • Accelerates underperforming terrestrial networks - unique hybrid internet over satellite services
  • Reduces support needs for operators via automatic terminal provisioning and remote control of end-user CPEs
Position for new business
  • Rapid deployment of internet services with no additional infrastructure & minimal investment
  • Enables multiple business opportunities - With VNO support operators can sell accounts & dedicated bandwidth
  • Reduces TCO - outperforms VSAT cost & QoE using terrestrial return channel & satellite forward link

Mimir Gateway

Odin F-50 Router

Freya Router

Forsway Xtend

The complete Forsway Xtend ecosystem includes everything a service provider needs to roll-out a complete hybrid internet over satellite service, comprising of the Forsway Hub, customer premises equipment and a bouquet of innovative, robust features and functionality.

Forsway Xtend Hub

The Forsway Hub is a hybrid satellite broadband extension connecting hard-to-reach regions. Forsway Hub is the most cost effective satellite extension for terrestrial broadband networks. The Hub includes the Mimir Gateway, EMS and NMS functionality. Click for more details

Forsway Xtend customer premises equipment (CPE):

  • Odin F-50 is a highly cost-effective, high performance satellite router for hybrid internet over satellite. Designed to operateor with broadcasting satellites, Odin F-50™ is aimed at enabling connectivity for small communities, education and health information, libraries, and much more. Click for details
  • Or, choose the Freya™ which is designed as the ultimate home interface to HD satellite TV that integrates broadband internet access via satellite. Freya enables home users to centralize their satellite services into one convenient device. Click for details


Sample of features

  • Built-in Connection Logging - easy to comply with legal requirements
  • Prepared for Lawful Interception
  • Taps satellites operating in Ka band - offers for wide capacity
  • Ubiquitous coverage - satellites reach everywhere
  • High QoE - wide selection of return channels
  • Asymmetric Routing
  • On-demand satellite bonding
  • NMS monitoring
  • Modulates and encapsulates
  • Advanced IP over satellite optimization tools

Optional add-ons

Value-added optional features 

  • Billing and Provisioning Systems can be offered from Forsway’s partners or be integrated with the service operator’s existing systems.
  • On-demand bonding can be used to accelerate average performing connections with satellite data, to increase peak downlink bandwidth.
  • On-demand satellite bonding (xDSL boost) as a use-case