Sample use case: Connectivity for rural schools in Africa and all types of public services

There are nearly 30,000 schools in Kenya lacking broadband internet access, and more than a million schools in India. Isn’t it time that we work together to deploy low-cost solutions that reduce the digital divide?

CASE: Connectivity challenge for rural schools –
Akiny Mutoka attends a rural school in a village a two-hour drive from Nairobi. Currently her school has no access to internet services. VSAT is too expensive for the rural school and existing 2G infrastructure coverage in the region provides less than 50 kbps speed, which is not robust or reliable enough for educational purposes.


A Forsway solution using a simple satellite TV dish and a satellite router costing less than USD 100 altogether can be installed in a matter of a few hours by any satellite TV installer. A monthly fee of USD 30 for the school can enable its students to access the internet via Wi-Fi. When installed, this solution can also enable lecturers from anywhere in the world to provide video lessons to the rural school.

Reducing the digital divide by providing connectivity for all types of public services 

The Forsway solution is also an easy and cost-effective way to provide satellite broadband to rural health clinics, rural public Wi-Fi hotspots, rural community service centers, access to public records, rural restaurants and hotels and more local services.