Eliminating the Digital Divide: Swedish satellite industry pioneer to speak at “Future of Connectivity” summit in Phoenix

SACC Summit 2021, Phoenix, Arizona, November 1st 2021, Forsway, a leading Swedish provider of innovative satellite software and hybrid satcom terminals announced at a connectivity summit hosted by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce (SACC) Arizona, Nov. 2-4 in Phoenix, Forsway Chairman Mats Andersson will share key insight on connectivity innovations and disruptive trends that can help eliminate the digital divide in rural communities around the globe, including large areas in the US.

Satellite industry pioneer Mats Andersson will join top speakers from global companies such as Ericsson, Facebook and Deloitte, leading economic development experts, industry leaders, and regional players from across the US. High profile organizations including the Swedish Embassy to the United States, Polestar, Einride, Arizona State University and Thunderbird School of Management are supporting the unique connectivity event.

– “New HTS GEO and LEO satellite technology is starting to drive traditionally high satellite broadband prices down significantly (like the drop in mobile prices in the 1990’s), says Andersson. Combining this disruptive trend with low-cost hybrid satellite terminals and technology can be a game changer for regions previously not able to afford reliable internet access, which seems almost unheard of for the many of us around the globe that take connectivity, 24/7, for granted.”

– “I’m looking forward to participating in this unique connectivity brainstorming event. The Swedish-American Chambers of Commerce has a 115-year history of successfully facilitating and supporting business relations between the United States and Sweden and is bringing together a benchmark host of experts to address to these very timely topics.”

Cultivating broadband access for the critically underserved
In the special connectivity session, Mats Andersson will talk about “Eliminating the digital divide”,. He will share valuable insight on overcoming the hurdles in underserved areas and demonstrate how tapping new opportunities provided by satellite broadband and existing terrestrial infrastructure can make broadband internet affordable to the 4 billion underserved, enabling growth and access to critical services.

– “Forsway is already working closely with local partners and regional experts on the ground in Arizona to set up trials to supply low-cost, reliable satellite broadband in areas of Arizona lacking reliable connectivity. Forsway’s unique hybrid connectivity concept is a benchmark for connecting underserved regions in both advanced and emerging markets.” 

About the speaker
Mats Andersson currently holds roles as Chairman of the Board of Forsway Scandinavia, Satcube, and MUMIMO AB and is a Board member of Wyld Networks. An industry leader with over 30 years international satellite and telecom experience, Mats has held numerous engineering and management positions at Ericsson. In 2006, Mats joined tech start-up, Bluetest AB in Gothenburg as CEO. Under his leadership, Bluetest grew to become the world leading MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) test company. He holds three university degrees (Lic. Eng., M. Sc., and B.A.). In 2014, Mats established MUMIMO AB, a company with a focus on innovation and business development for small and large wireless companies and brings thought-leading expertise and innovative strategies for 5G and new technologies.

About Forsway Scandinavia AB

Forsway’s highly innovative hybrid hardware and technology combines satellite with existing terrestrial technologies enabling broadband services for the large demographics of users in underserved markets lacking reliable internet access. Forsway’s unique solutions eliminate the need to deploy additional network infrastructure, creating significant time and cost savings for operators and service providers. The Forsway Xtend ecosystem is a complete toolkit and cost-effective hybrid satellite extension challenging the traditionally high cost of connecting hard-to-reach, underserved markets – rural areas in both emerging and established markets. Xtend is designed to remove the complexity of rolling-out satellite broadband to regions with limited infrastructure and monetize unused operator bandwidth. Learn more at www.forsway.com and follow us on LinkedIn TwitterFacebook and YouTube.

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