Mats Andersson

Mats Andersson An industry thought-leader with over 30 years international wireless and telecom experience, within various engineering and management positions at Ericsson (in Canada, England and Sweden), Mats Andersson brings extensive expertise from the industry. In 2006, Mats joined tech start-up, Bluetest AB in Gothenburg as CEO. Under his leadership, Bluetest grew to become the [...]

Bengt Jonsson – Chairman of Forsway

Bengt Jonsson Chairman of Forsway since May 2023, and Vice Chairman from 2021-2023, Bengt has a rich Forsway history, also holding the position of Managing Director and owner from 2006-2008. Today as Piwas company owner, he provides strategic planning, go-to-market, and management consulting services. Bengt brings a strong technical background, extensive financial insight and over [...]

Thomas Öster – Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Board -Forsway

Thomas Öster Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Board, Forsway. A senior ICT executive within international arenas, Thomas has broad experience within sales & marketing, strategy, operations, investment management, corporate governance, and Board Director roles. He has extensive and diverse board experience from both listed and non-listed Companies in Med Tech, Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, and [...]

Forsway targets connected vehicles in European Space Agency ‘’Satellite Assisted 5G for vehicles’’ ARTES Core Competitiveness co-funded development project

Forsway today announced Phase II of its co-funded ARTES Core Competitiveness development project Satellite Assisted 5G for vehicles with European Space Agency to develop a complete hybrid satellite hub for connected vehicles. Using the benchmark “network-of-networks”, Cloud-Native approach, a main aspect of the project is the integration of Forsway Xtend Hub with the 5G/NFV architecture (Network Function Virtualization).

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