Thomas Öster

Vice Chairman and Secretary of the Board, Forsway. A senior ICT executive within international arenas, Thomas has broad experience within sales & marketing, strategy, operations, investment management, corporate governance, and Board Director roles. He has extensive and diverse board experience from both listed and non-listed Companies in Med Tech, Manufacturing, IT, Telecom, and Industrial Components.

His rich background encompasses business development leadership and advisory roles harnessing vast international experience (primarily within telecom & IT), including various senior management positions within Ericsson: Product Management, Operations, Strategy, Business Development and Marketing & Sales. Thomas’ diverse international experience includes long term assignments in United States (6 Years) and Australia (3 Years) as well as shorter engagements, plus high-level relationship building with a wide range of local and globally recognized companies.

He has provided management expertise and guidance for development and market strategies for new business areas and business integration and multi-functional change programs. Notable engagements include business support to technology start-up companies including business plans, sales strategies as well as investor meetings for proposal and offer development.