Wrapping up 2023!

2023 has been a year full of activity, thanks to our customers, strategic partners and our dynamic team. New innovations and partnerships have boosted the Forsway offering providing operators with the market’s only viable low-cost solution for rolling out easy to deploy, cost-efficient satellite broadband services to underserved demographics.

We enjoyed meeting you out in the market at a host of in-person conferences and exhibitions and we have been delighted to be featured in numerous prestigious industry publications during the year. I would like to invite you all to join me below for highlights from 2023.

  • Tobias Forsell, CEO, Forsway

2023 Highlights

We kicked off 2023 celebrating our nomination as a finalist in the Satellite Mobile Innovation Awards, and proud to be amongst the biggest names in the satellite industry. The Forsway team participated in a host of events including

Welcomed new investor
Swedish based Rymdkapital (”Nordic New Space Capital AB) endorsed Forsway with an infusion of new funding and support. The collaboration with Forsway is part of Rymdkapital’s vision to provide capital, support, and networks for new business areas for emerging new space start-ups in Europe aiming for a global market

Bengt Jonsson moved to Chairman role
In June Forsway welcomed Board member Bengt Jonsson as Chairman. Bengt joined the Forsway Board of Directors in January 2021 and has extensive industry experience. He took the reins from Mats Andersson, who served as Forsway Chairman from May 2014 – May 2023. We are very pleased that Mats continues to support Forsway as a member of the Board.

Events around the globe

The Forsway team participated in a host of industry events and a wide range of commercial events including Satellite 2023, CabSat, CommunicAsia, ABSAT (Jakarta), IBC, World Satellite Business week and more.

On the opening day of the World Satellite Business Week’s “Summit for Satellite Financing”,  together with other industry thought leaders, Forsway CEO Tobias Forsell shared valuable insights on the shifting landscape of the satellite market – the contribution of service providers in evolving connectivity opportunities and how innovative solutions for generating new customer centric offerings can drive transformation for new revenue streams.

Latest technology

In addition to %&D including ESA-funded development, Forsway shared several tech advancements in 2023.

Introduced the new F-60 terminal series
In the spring, we introduced the Forsway Odin F-60 and F-60 LTE – featuring Forsway’s benchmark, smart connectivity, coupled with advanced networking performance, premium satellite bandwidth efficiency – all wrapped into a new generation of affordable customer premises equipment.

New FRM user interface
Forsway launched its new user interface for the FRM (Forsway Reliable Multicast) system. The GUI is based on the Vue front-end framework and will be available on both the Forsway Odin F-50 and Forsway Odin F-60 satellite terminals going forward. The new user interface implements a fresh new color scheme as well as a contemporary presentation of delivered content. Forsway FRM can support livestreams, content downloads, and much more. A big thank you to our very own, Andreas Lans!

Collaboration with Zinwell and Montage Technologies
Forsway is pleased to announce a new collaboration for the Odin F-60 series of hybrid satellite terminals. The next-gen satellite terminal, manufactured by Zinwell Corporation, is now available with fully integrated Symphony 4 IC product from industry leading fabless semiconductor IC provider, Montage LZ Technologies.

Tackling the digital divide

Quotes from feature article in Connectivity Business Magazine: “Forsway CEO Tobias Forsell wants to bridge digital divide,” by Laurence Russell, November 3, 2023.

Connectivity Business News: What are some current ideas for connecting the unconnected in 2023?

Tobias Forsell: I would say that it has not changed so much. The most important thing in my view is enabling better connectivity with existing infrastructure because cost is key for people that are poorly served and unserved. Those things haven’t changed at all. What’s going on in the industry today is that we’re seeing a lot of initiatives targeting places above the poverty line — sometimes far above it — who can be connected better. That said, demand has grown for connectivity, and so much money is already being spent by the world’s poorest on getting some kind of connectivity.

Connectivity Business Magazine: CBN is pleased to have you speak at our Connectivity Next Summit, where you will be linking conversations about antenna and terminal technology to their role in connecting the world in the antenna development panel. What do you hope to bring to the discussion?

Tobias Forsell: I think I will bring awareness of how crucial cost is to the grand majority of users of these technologies. This is what makes the difference. The activity we see connecting the unconnected world seems to end up more or less in the same areas: It comes to mobile backhaul, marine applications, military, oil, and gas — because no one else can afford to pay for it. Looking at the conversations with the new satellite constellations [and their capacity to bridge the digital divide], you still need to bring down the cost of the [ground] antenna. It’s something that can be lost in these discussions, and I’m looking forward to highlighting it.

On behalf of the entire Forsway team, I would like to thank our customers and partners, investors, and friends in the market for a great 2023. Stay tuned for more Forsway news &  developments in 2024!

  • Tobias Forsell, CEO, Forsway