RascomStar – Global Telesat and Forsway Scandinavia join forces – launching affordable broadband Internet services for Africa combining Satellite and Cellular technologies

AFRICA, SPAIN AND SWEDEN, February 2nd, 2018: A new managed service offering for the provision of affordable Internet and broadband services for the whole of Africa has recently been launched by RascomStarGlobal Telesat and Forsway.

The three companies contribute with their respective expertise:

  • Rascom provides satellite capacity on the RQIR satellite at 2.9° East
  • Global Telesat provides the hosting and solid stable C and Ku Band uplink service and Internet connectivity through the European Internet backbone
  • Forsway powers the service with its hybrid satellite – cellular platform and end-user equipment

“With end-user equipment starting at USD 100 per site, a very simple installation, and no need for a VSAT transmit license, we believe that the offering will be attractive for both residential, SOHO, government, Internet café and similar users“ said Tobias Forsell, Forsway’s CEO.

Sherif Azzabi, RascomStar’s CEO commented: “Our prime orbital position at 2.9°east gives us an interesting African coverage, reaching the entire African continent and offshore islands. Forsway’s hybrid technology provides an innovative and cost-efficient platform to offer high speed Internet through a simple TV dish“.

Initially the service will be managed from Global Telesat’s state-of-the art teleport facilities in Alicante, Spain. However, Global Telesat and RascomStar also have teleport facilities in Africa that may be used going forwards. Laure Gathy, New Business Development Manager explained that “Global Telesat has an impressive track record of providing data and satellite services in Africa and we are now looking forward to launch this innovative managed service for our old and new customers located in areas where the mobile networks don’t perform well and where other terrestrial alternatives are non-existent.“

To access the managed service, the end user only needs a DTH antenna, a universal LNB and the CPE Router (modem) “Odin“ provided by Forsway. The installation is easy – anyone who can deploy a satellite TV dish can install the equipment.

For further information, or to discuss a trial, please contact Laure Gathy, lgathy@globaltelesat.com, Mobile: (+34) 697 195 342.

About RascomStar
RascomStar operates the first pan-african geostationary satellite located at 2.9°East. On top of providing satellite capacity in C and Ku bands across Africa, RascomStar operates value add services such as fixed and mobile rural telephony, VSAT services, Wifi, GSM backhaul, TV broadcast.
More info on: http://www.rascomstar.com/

About Global Telesat
Global Telesat is the first European Teleport allowing the distribution of reliable Internet, TV and other IP transport services from Spain to all the African continent.
Based on our 12 years experience and presence in Africa, we understand the increasing telecommunication needs and provide flexibility in identifying and implementing solutions to customer requirements.

About Forsway
Forsway Scandinavia AB is a Swedish technology company focussing on innovative ways of deploying broadband services. With activities on five continents and mainly basing the solutions on combinations of satellite and existing terrestrial technologies, the company enables broadband services for the billions of people who still are struggling to get online, today and without need for deploying additional network infrastructure.

Leslie Johnsen
Communications Director, Forsway
M: +47 4145 8043