Forsway Xtend Hub – Bridging the digital divide – connecting the underserved

An innovative network add-on to extend & boost capacity, reach
The Forsway Xtend Hub is a highly cost-effective hybrid satellite extension and a component of the complete Forsway Xtend solution for boosting and expanding existing broadband networks to connect under-serviced regions. Click here for architecture image.

Mobile or ADSL, Xtend Hub performs as a simple add-on that extends the capacity and reach of existing infrastructure by connecting to satellites


Mimir Gateway terminal

Agile features & functionality

  • Ubiquitous – satellites reach everywhere, thus broadband services based on Forsway Xtend Hub can reach everywhere without geographical constraints.
  • Tapping high capacity– next-gen geostationary satellites can provide hundreds of thousands of new subscribers with high-speed data. Forsway’s Odin F-50™ subscriber router enables over 50 Mbps.
  • Instant availability– as simple as pointing a DTH (satellite TV) antenna to a satellite, the end user has access to broadband. No need for operator investment in new infrastructure (digging for fibers or cables).
  • Optimal affordability – for large scale deployments, broadband internet service charges for end users are significantly lower than competing VSAT solutions.
Xtend HUB Overview