Forsway on-site with WIT-PhilSat’s installation team at the San Agustin school in the Philippines

Feb. 18th, 2019

We followed an installation team from our customer and Philippines partner, WIT-Philsat, as they completed an installation a new site at a national public high school in the city of Pampanga in the center of Luzon. San Agustin school, together with hundreds of other public schools, is now on its way to receiving improved internet services as part of a massive government program to reduce the digital divide in the country though free internet access.

Providing the tools and technology for quick, cost-effective roll-out of broadband services for Juan Konek public hotspots

WIT-PhilSat and Forsway have combined their expertise to help the Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) facilitate and deliver on roll-out of the “Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi in Public Places Project”. The partners are furnishing the government-sponsored project with rapid deployment of cost-efficient satellite broadband services and expertise from WIT PhilSat, enabled by next generation Odin F-50 satellite routers from Forsway and IPSTAR satellite capacity.

1-2-3! Quick deployment of free public Wi-Fi services

In less than two hours, which included the installation of a new satellite dish, the San Agustin public high school in Pampanga received a new high-speed Internet connection based on our Forsway satellite hybrid technology. San Agustin is just one of 30 public schools in this city alone that are now receiving this welcomed boost.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Juan Konek Free Wi-Fi in Public Places Project in the Philippines supported by Forsway and PhilSat!