CommunicAsia 2018 – Forsway introduces innovative new Odin F-50 hybrid satellite router to Asian market

CommunicAsia 2018, Singapore, June 20th, 2018: Forsway, a leading global specialist of innovative solutions for combining satellite with existing terrestrial technologies to provide broadband to underserved demographics, today announced its showcase for CommunicAsia 2018, June 26th – 28th. The technology provider will feature a series of thought-leading innovations including launch of the new Odin F-50 hybrid satellite router to the Asian market. Odin F-50 enables operators to launch highly affordable broadband internet services, helping close the gap for consumers in regions lacking reliable internet access.

Unique solution featuring hybrid connectivity that enables reliable broadband in underserved regions

  • High-performance, one-way satellite router eliminates need to deploy additional infrastructure – furnishes significant operator cost savings
  • Provides rapid deployment of robust, satellite-based internet services to regions grappling with insufficient infrastructure or capacity
  • Furnishes competitive alternative to VSAT: Uses considerably less satellite capacity

Forsway will be co-exhibiting with integration partner Developing Infrastructure at Stand 1H3-01 at the Marina Bay Sands Exhibition Center.

Forsway’s unique technology combines mobile networks with satellite to provide cost-efficient broadband, with a core focus on serving areas with insufficient infrastructure or capacity. The solution taps existing infrastructure (mobile networks, satellite TV dishes) to provide or enhance connectivity, enabling broadband services for the billions of users globally still without sufficient internet access.

-Tobias Forsell, Managing Director, comments, ”Total cost of ownership for internet over satellite providers is dominated by the satellite capacity cost, with terminal cost being secondary. The advantage with the Forsway solution is that our technology uses much less satellite capacity than VSAT as we direct low capacity traffic over the 2/3G or xDSL downlink instead of using the satellite downlink. Another advantage is that there is no need to gain a satellite communications license.”

Forsway will also feature the Freya F-55 hybrid terminal which taps and combines Odin features with the functionality of a modern TV/PVR receiver. This combination furnishes TV operators with the possibility to easily integrate internet-based services – all with one end-user client device. The combination of IP over satellite and HDMI output also enables the latest offerings such as multicast content displayed directly on a TV and push VOD (Video On-Demand) content.

During CommunicAsia, Forsway will provide a video series featuring recent deployments in India.

To learn more about Forsway, download the Forsway 5G Whitepaper:
Background scenario: Billions of people cannot access internet services due to infrastructure deficiencies – mainly in emerging markets but including areas in Europe and USA. To reduce the digital divide and increase prosperity globally, new low-cost broadband solutions are needed. Cellular technologies such as 3G and 4G are not cost effective to provide broadband in areas with low population density or low ARPU. Satellite and DVB-T2 technology has for a long time been the most cost- effective technology to provide TV broadcast services.

The Forsway 5G whitepaper describes the highly unique hybrid satellite/DVB-T2 – cellular/xDSL solution combining the ubiquitous downlink coverage of satellite/DVB-T2 and low-cost uplink of terrestrial technology to provide broadband to all. Visit Forsway at CommunicAsia or our website to learn more:

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About Forsway Scandinavia AB
Forsway provides innovative solutions for combining satellite with existing terrestrial technologies – enabling broadband services for the large demographics of users in emerging markets lacking reliable Internet access. Forsway’s unique technology eliminates the need to deploy additional network infrastructure, creating significant time and cost savings for operators and service providers.
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