Bridging the Education Gap – A New Venture in EdTech with Social Impact

Forsway is thrilled to announce the launch of a transformative venture at the intersection of education, technology, and social impact. This new startup, Xtend Services FZCO (previously called Xtend Solutions), aims to revolutionise access to quality education in remote and underserved areas through innovative satellite-based content delivery and local distribution via Wi-Fi. By addressing critical challenges such as teacher shortages and limited educational resources, we are dedicated to making a significant, positive difference in the lives of school-going children.

Our mission is to bridge the educational divide and create lasting social impact. Here’s how we envision our initiative making a real difference:

  • Access to Quality Education: We leverage advanced satellite technology to provide remote schools with the latest educational content. This initiative ensures that quality education resources, which were once out of reach, are now accessible to every child, regardless of their geographical location.
  • Empowering Teachers: Our platform serves as a valuable resource for teachers in remote areas, equipping them with tools and materials to enhance their teaching methods. By staying updated with the latest educational trends, teachers can deliver more effective and engaging lessons.
  • Encouraging Lifelong Learning: With continuous access to a wealth of educational content, we aim to foster a culture of lifelong learning. Students are empowered to explore knowledge beyond traditional classroom boundaries, encouraging curiosity and a love for learning that lasts a lifetime.
  • Building a Stronger Community: Improved access to education can lead to better-informed individuals who contribute positively to society. Our initiative has the potential to drive local development and create a ripple effect that benefits entire communities.
  • Inspiring Future Generations: We hope to inspire other communities to prioritise education and seek innovative solutions to their challenges. By setting a positive example, we aim to create a broader impact and motivate future generations to value and invest in education.

This joint venture between Cloudpoint Technologies and Forsway, led by Himanshu Patil, Vinod Hakhu, Rahul Raina, Forsway Chairman, Bengt Jonsson, and Forsway CEO, Tobias Forsell, combines Forsway’s satellite expertise with Cloudpoint’s market access, software development, and execution at scale capabilities.

Our vision is to create a brighter future for children in remote areas through education, technology, and social impact. If you work in education, content creation, technology, or market access and see potential for collaboration, please reach out. Together, we can make a meaningful change.

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