Arabsat Broadband Services and Forsway team up to roll-out affordable satellite broadband services across Africa

Riyadh and Oslo, November 13th, 2018: Arabsat, one of the world’s leading satellite operators, and Forsway, a global specialist in providing innovative satellite broadband solutions announced the deployment of affordable satellite broadband services across Africa under the new Arabsat Broadband package. In their first collaboration for Africa, the partners have teamed up to create a managed resource to deliver highly affordable broadband based on Arabsat capacity and hardware from Forsway. The regional service model was designed and implemented by satellite services consultants at Developing Infrastructure.

  • Bringing internet access to developing markets, starting from $5 per month and providing up to 10Gb of satellite broadband – to help reduce the digital divide

In partnering to provide broadband to underserved regions, the companies are bringing together the unique combination of resources and expertise to help foster growth across the continent. Internet services will provide critical access to community services, education, health information, business opportunities, entertainment and more.

-”The Arabsat Broadband model will enable increased capacity for broadband and minimizing network congestion to provide great customer experience with faster internet access, at reduced costs. The joint service model is powered by Forsway customer premises equipment, and Arabsat’s BADR-7 satellite to enable connectivity in both hard-to-reach and urban areas in the Middle East and most of Africa, “said Wael Mohammed AlButi, VP & CCO of Arabsat.

-Tobias Forsell, CEO, Forsway,” We are excited to be working with Arabsat, a leading satellite operator, to create a new way of delivering highly cost-effective broadband services in Africa. Tapping Forsway’s hybrid technology, we are helping Arabsat Broadband Services enable rapid deployment of robust, satellite-based internet services and eliminate the need to deploy costly additional infrastructure. The Forsway Odin F-50 technology is furnishing Arabsat Broadband Services with a competitive, low-cost alternative to VSAT for the new Arabsat Broadband service
model and offering.”

“The satellite industry needs to look for new markets, products, and services in order to compete,” said Travis Mooney, Principal Consultant of Developing Infrastructure. “Innovative companies like Arabsat see that there are different services that can be brought to market, expanding their portfolio, and enter into completely new verticals. Arabsat Broadband will do just that – expand
access to the Internet and better the lives of its users.”

About Arabsat
Founded in 1976 by the 21 member-states of the Arab League, Arabsat has been serving the growing needs of the Arab world for over 40 years, operating from its headquarter in Riyadh-KSA and two Satellite control stations in Riyadh and Tunis. Now one of the world’s top satellite operators and by far the leading satellite services provider in the Arab world, it carries over 500 TV channels, 200 radio stations, pay-tv networks and wide variety of HD channels reaching tens of millions of homes in more than 80 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Europe with an audience of over 170 million viewers tuned into Arabsat’s video “hotspot” at 26° E. Operating a growing fleet of owned satellites at the 20°E, 26°E, 30.5°E, 39°E and 44.5°E, ARABSAT is the only satellite operator in the MENA region offering the full spectrum of Broadcast, Telecommunications and Broadband services.

About Forsway Scandinavia AB
Forsway provides innovative solutions for combining satellite with existing terrestrial technologies – enabling broadband services for the large demographics of users in emerging markets lacking reliable internet access. Forsway’s unique technology eliminates the need to deploy additional network infrastructure, creating significant time and cost savings for operators and service providers. Follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

About Developing Infrastructure
Developing Infrastructure is a telecoms and services consultancy group with focus on the developing world. They have decades of experience of doing business in Africa, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. Their network of local partners provides presence and capability in over 140 countries six continent. For unparalleled insight and expertise, see

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