Via Satellite: “CSS, Forsway Further Invest in Broadband for West Africa”

CSS, a West African communications services provider and Forsway have announced the next phase of their partnership in Mauritania to deliver affordable broadband in West Africa.

Article By Rachel Jewett | April 7, 2020

The partners have been trial testing Xtend Africa managed service from Arabsat and Forsway during a first assessment phase, CSS’ CEO and founder Houssein Cherif said in an April 7 release. He reported that the results boosting mobile and VSAT links are “very promising.” Now, CSS plans to invest in additional equipment and expand its West African service offering. Forsway Xtend is a hybrid satellite broadband extension.

Forsway CEO Tobias Forsell said: “We have teamed up with Arabsat who, using our Xtend satellite extension platform and BADR-7, provide managed, pan-African broadband services to local and regional communications service providers like CSS. With people restricted in their mobility, affordable broadband is more critical than ever. With over 3 billion people lacking reliable internet access, Forsway is working hard to do our part in making connectivity accessible to all.”

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