SatellitePRO Middle East Q&A article: Forsway announces cost-efficient broadband for underserved markets

September 23rd, 2018 / Link to SatellitePRO Middle East article

Managing Director, Tobias Forsell of Forsway, speaks about how their unique technology will help regions with limited internet connectivity by combining satellite operators with existing ground segment services.

We know you have launched solutions for the underserved markets. How do you define underserved?

Billions of potential users still cannot access reliable internet services due to infrastructure deficiencies – in difficult to reach regions mainly in emerging markets but also including areas in highly developed markets. The “underserved markets“ may have limited internet access because of weak and congested mobile networks, old ADSL or outdated WiMAX. Our mission is to bridge the digital divide and bring broadband services to these markets.

How are your solutions different from competing solutions in the market and what technical innovation makes them capable of meeting this objective?

Traditional services like under-performing 2.5G / 3G mobile data or ADSL are not enough to bring adequate broadband to these markets. Other solutions, like some VSAT services, fiber or 4G, are too costly to deploy and may never be installed in such areas. Forsway’s innovative hybrid technology uses less satellite capacity than VSAT (savings on satellite capacity) and cheaper CPE’s that also are simple to install, reducing total cost of ownership for operators.
Forsway’s unique technology combines simple mobile networks with satellite to provide cost-efficient broadband, tapping existing infrastructure (mobile networks, satellite TV dishes) to provide or enhance connectivity.

Where do you see are the challenges for your area of expertise in this market and what is your vision moving forward?

Finding the best regional partners (satellite operators, distributors and broadband providers) will be key to our success in bridging the digital divide in the broadband market. We are already working with partners and continuously looking to foster new relationships with additional players that can provide complementary solutions and services for tapping the potential in these vast markets.

Is this your first time at IBC? Can you tell us a bit about some of the companies you have worked with in the past?

Not new to IBC, we have traditionally worked with a range of interesting technology and system integration companies serving the satellite, telecommunications and broadcast media arena. For many years we have worked with some of the world’s largest satellite operators including SES, Eutelsat, Arabsat, Spacecom and RascomStar, whilst teleport providers and system integrators like Global Telesat, Digisat Media and Gilat Satcom have cooperated for many of the ground segment services.

What were you on the lookout for at IBC?

We looked out for technologies that helped with the improvement of satellite bandwidth utilisation and potential partner solutions that are complementary to Forsway’s global hybrid strategy in various geographies.

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