HTS 2018 Roundtable, London

The HTS 2018 Roundtable in London, December 4th, was organised by the Global VSAT Forum and EMP Partnership. Participants from 110 companies attended, representing satellite operators, ground segment equipment providers, system integrators, banks & investors, satellite services providers, government agencies, and more.

Forsway’s partner for Managed Services (services “powered by” Forsway) Arabsat featured key note speaker Rob de Poorter, outlining how Arabsat has found an innovative way of exploiting the large capacity they have in a profitable manner: To provide Managed Broadband in Africa. However, it is not only Africa and includes 925,000 SME’s and households in UK and Ireland experiencing under-serviced connectivity.

During the round table, there was significant discussion around the new Non-GEO constellations (MEO and LEO) and whether they will make huge changes in the offering. Most participants agreed that cost will be key, particularly for the Customer Premises Equipment.

The jury is still out whether the new constellations will be able to reach sufficiently low costs for two-way LEO and MEO CPE’s. One thing is clear however: Forsway’s one-way solution is available now, at sub USD 100 prices.

Link to the HTS Round Table site

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