Forsway is making a difference in India for communities lacking reliable internet access

June 2018: Last week, Forsway was on-site outside Delhi installing our multicast system in local, private village offices. At the remote sites, located two hours outside of Delhi, we demonstrated improved internet connectivity by using Forsway’s Odin F-50 router with a mobile dongle as return channel.

We also showed our multicast system, enabling a single sender to distribute content to multiple receivers simultaneously (to all modems in the network and within the reach of the satellite). Indian news, information on different health topics and educational videos were enjoyed by the public!

The beauty? Multicast can be used without return channel for locations lacking mobile networks – working in receive-only modus. Content is stored in the Forsway modem and can be accessed with Ethernet or through the Wi-Fi hotspot by computers, mobiles or simple tablets. This unique method of distributing documents, videos and more to many users is ideal for schools and other local locations.

Stay tuned for more India news from Forsway!

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