ForsONEway™ is the most cost effective satellite extension for terrestrial broadband networks. Whether mobile or dial-up, ForsONEway™ performs as a simple add-on which extends the capacity and the reach of terrestrial broadband networks with the potential of broadcasting satellites, in order to serve the "unserviced".

  • Ubiquity - satellites reach everywhere, broadband services based on ForsONEway™ can reach everywhere without geographical constraints.

  • Capacity - newer generations of geostationary satellites operating in Ka band dispose enough capacity as to provide hundreds of thousands of new subscribers with services of several MEGABITS PER SECOND. Odín™, the subscriber modem, can handle more than 50Mbps.

  • Availability - as quickly as pointing a simple DTH (satellite TV) antenna to a satellite, the end user has access to broadband without any need for investments in additional infrastructure (no digging for fibers or cables).

  • Affordability - for large scale deployments, broadband Internet service charges for end users will be considerably lower than competing solutions. Subscriber Odín™ prices can be sub USD $75.