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Operator equipment



The ultimate home interface to HD satellite TV that integrates broadband Internet access via satellite. Freya lets home users centralize their satellite services into one device.


Freya is the cost-effective option for operators offering both satellite TV and Internet and gives the operator the combination of a high-end zapper STB and a high-performance satellite router for hybrid Internet over satellite services. A selection of return channels can be combined with a high throughput DVB-S2/ACM forward link for well performing Internet services.







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TV interface for large-screen interaction.

Integrated web based (http) user interface.

No software/drivers need to be installed on connected computers.

An integrated DHCP server provides private IP addresses to all connected computers.

Linux based operating system.



Satellite TV services

Hybrid Internet over satellite

Satellite multicast reception


User Interface (TV display)

Basic TV application for viewing and channel handling

Possibility to apply external middleware for a customized interface (case by case, please contact us)



Up to 60 Mbit/s from satellite to LAN


Processor & Memory

Ali M3527 SOC

512 MB DDR3 1600Mhz RAM

256 MB non-volatile flash memory


Satellite front-end

Support for DVB-S2/ACM and DVB-S

Input frequency range: 950 MHz to 2150 MHz


Symbol rate support:

1-68,4 Msym/s (QPSK, 8PSK, 16APSK)

1-53.9 Msym/s (32APSK)


Modulation support: DVB-S2 modcod range



Ethernet ports for WAN and LAN

Wi-Fi Access Point 802.11b/g/n/ac, 2T2R



Linux operating system

TV middleware for the STB part

Web based user interface for the router part

Integrated client for the Mimir HUB

DHCP server for simple IP address management


Front Panel

1x LED for power

1x LED for return channel connection

1x LED for Mimir connection

1x LED for satellite lock


Power Supply

External AC/DC converter: 230VAC/12VDC 2A


Mechanics (excluding connectors)

HxDxW: 205x145x38


Connectors / Rear Panel

2x RF input connector, F connector (75 Ohm) for satellite feed

1x HDMI v.1.3 (1080p) connector

2x Ethernet ports, 100Mbit/s (RJ-45)

2x USB-A 2.0 (device) ports

1x Mains AC/DC power supply adapter inlet 12V through DC plug

1x Factory reset button



User manual in English

Remote control

Optional accessories (extra cost):

Ethernet cable (2m)

HDMI cable

Power supply


Supported USB Dongles

Supported USB dongles (3G/EDGE/GPRS)



E173u (12d1:1436)
E173s (12d1:1c05)
E173s (12d1:1c10)
E173s (12d1:1c23)
E169/E620/E800 (12d1:1001)
E1820 (12d1:14ac)
E3131 (12d1:151d)
Preconfigured Hi-Link dongles



MF190 (19d2:0117)
MF190 (19d2:0031)
MF190 (19d2:0154)
MF636 (19d2:0033)



ZD Incorporated (0685:7000)
NetworkConnect MT6229 (2020:2000)




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