Forsway has since 2011 a team of investors behind the company that provides
good knowledge as well a needed support to grow in this market where front line
development and international business is key.


ALMI Invest -

Almi Invest is a venture capital company which invests in Swedish companies with exciting, scalable business models and motivated entrepreneurs. Almi Invest consists of seven, regionally based venture capital funds, all with local offices and experienced local investment managers. Almi Invest manage a total of SEK 1 billion.

Gothia Innovation -

Gothia Innovation has a local presence in Skövde and besides to host the Gothia Science Park that Forsway is located Gothia Innovation has also invested in Forsway.



Salthavet is a company of business angels that has a history in the company Love Film that was sold to Amazon in 2011.

K-Svets Venture

K-svets venture is a local business angel who invest in companies that they see have a growth potential over time.