Forsway is made of a visionary team who see in the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks, the most efficient way to expand broadband services in regions with limited broadband infrastructure (or capacity).


Our solutions are designed as an extension of terrestrial broadband networks from the sky, using broadcasting satellites for the delivery of broadband to the subscribers and terrestrial networks (mobile, dial-up or others) to carry the return channel.


Forsway can adapt its main solution, ForsONEway™ to different types of environments and return channels: from the adaptation of its operation and business support subsystems; to the look and feel of our terminals (design). We are also able to integrate different technologies for carrying the return channel traffic from the subscriber terminals.


The first end user terminal was developed together with 27M Technologies, another Nokia spin off company and was demonstrated for Viasat AB in 2004. As of today Forsway has sold more than 35 000 terminals in various markets globally.


Forsway continues to participate in different ”Advanced Research In Telecommunications Systems” product development projects (ARTES 3-4) together with ESA (European Space Agency). This collaboration has enabled both the development and the improvement of Forsway’s main solution, ForsONEway™.


Forsway is located at Gothia Science Park in Sweden.